Mar 17, 2013

New Design!!!

{It's Caroline and Lori}

Yep, we got a new blog design by the fabulous--
blog designer,
Isn't she just an amazing--
wonderful, cool, nice, awesome blog designer?
Sigh...Lori...Look at the header. Caroline Grace's Journal. Anyways, sadly we didn't get any comments on our last post :( So I just have one quick question for ya'll...
--she wants to know--
if we should do a photo-story. What do you think? :)
Well, we gotta go now, so, so long!  
And thanks again, Storyteller!!!

Caro and Lori ;) 

Feb 27, 2013

Hi! It's me, Caroline Grace in the red.
And me, Delores Claire, in the blue!
Do you like the new header? I made it all by myself!
She actually chose the picture... Mandy did everything else :P
Shh! Anyways, lately I've been really in to singing, and I think my voice is pretty good--
Yeah, she sings the whole night, I barely can sleep..
--so that's why I wrote what I did on the header! 
Ohhhhh yeah, boy does she have a voice...
I need some suggestions from all of my viewers...I don't really know what to post anymore. If you have any ideas, please comment! Maybe crafts, photography...i just don't know! I really love having this blog, but lately I just don't know what to post...
She's been really worried about this (Cough, cough) so please comment with your suggestions!
Thank you!

and of course me, Lori ;)

Feb 18, 2013

NEW AG Items!

Hey everyone! I'm feeling better, btw. ;) A few days ago, AG released a bunch of new items! Here they are, and my opinion!!!
Cute, I guess.
I need this :D
It's kinda cute.
Eh...not for me...


Feb 13, 2013

I'm Delores Claire!

Hello! I'm Delores Claire, Caroline Grace's friend! She said I could post today, since she's not feeling well. :)
This is actually my first post on a please tell me if I do well! ;)
Today I'll introduce myself, since this is my first blog post ever.
Delores Claire Walker
Nickname: Lori
School: Innerstar Elementary
Age: 10
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Favorite Animal: Horse
Favorite Food: Pasta and Donuts
Hobbies: Shopping, Singing
Likes: Talking, Animals, Nature
Dislikes: Boring days, Being alone
Thank you for reading, and thanks for allowing me to post, CG!
Signing out,
Delores Claire :D

Feb 10, 2013

Sick :(

Yes, I have a bad cold. :( Mandy took me outside for a minute for a photo-shoot, but I started sneezing, so she took my back in. After that I couldn't stop...I might not post for a few days, cause Mandy says since I'm sick I should rest, not go on the computer....So goodbye for now!
Sneezily (XD),
~Car♥line Grace